First a little historical information to put what I’m writing about into perspective. The time frame I’m talking about covers the last 14 years.


Pen and I recently moved from Vanderpool, Texas, to Eagle, Idaho. Eagle is a suburb of Boise. So… essentially we moved from a town that consisted of a one person Post Office and the volunteer fire department to the largest population center in our state. Before living in Texas we lived along the banks of the South Fork of Clearwater River eighteen miles from the small town of Grangeville, Idaho. At the time we lived in Grangeville there was a couple of restaurants, a sandwich shop, a pizza joint, and couple of other small eateries for small town of approx 3500 plus folks from outlying areas.

One of the first things we noticed after moving here was the incredible number of eating establishments! Added to that number is the convenience stores/gas stations that sell chicken strips and jo jo’s along with the deli’s in every grocery store!

Though I took Economics 202 in the previous century I do have a working knowledge of ‘supply and demand’.

It’s my hypothesis the demand that keeps so many places who serve food in business indicates a decrease in the number of folks who cook on a daily/regular basis.

But…let me clarify what I mean by cooking!

Cooking for me means using ingredients rather than pre-packaged foods that are brought to serving temperature by using a micro-wave oven or even a conventional oven. What a lot of folks call cooking, I call “heating”!

Now don’t get me wrong, I do enjoy eating out on occasion and have bought my share of chicken strips and jo jo’s out of both convenience and necessity, but like most things in life it can be carried to far!

So begins a series of blogs on “The Good, The Bad, and
The Cost” of eating out.

We welcome your comments!

Cee Dub

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