Cee Dub debunks the old saying “Real men don’t eat quiche”. Cee Dub not only enjoys eating quiche, he explains step by step how you too can create an amazing quiche in your cast iron Dutch oven. This recipe in Cee Dub’s second Dutch oven cookbook, MORE Cee Dub’s Dutch Oven & Other Camp Cookin’ available here . The key to this quiche recipe is the crust flaky crust. Making a flaky pastry crust can be an acquired skill that typically takes some time to master. However, this crust yields the perfect crust the very first time. It is the most forgiving crust and one that is multi purpose. In fact, Cee Dub uses this same crust for his pecan pie, and even as the pastry topping for his Basque Black Berry Cobbler.

dutch-oven quiche

In this version of “Sunday Morning Quiche”, Cee Dub pre-bakes the crust in a standard pie pan in a Dutch oven before preparing the filling. As he places the charcoal briquets on both on the top and underneath the Dutch oven he explains the baking process and how it correlates with baking in a home oven.
In addition, Cee Dub also explains how to make this recipe in a Dutch oven without pre-baking the crust and without using a pie pan. You’ll find this elegant quiche recipe easy to prepare and will draw great review from anyone lucky enough to taste it!

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