Watch Cee Dub show you step by step how to make Prime Rib in your Dutch oven. There are as many variations of how to cook a prime rib as there are folks who cook this cut of beef whether in a restaurant or at home. Here Cee Dub teaches you an easy method of preparing a slow cooked prime rib whether you’re a beginning Dutch oven cook or an old hand with the black pots.

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Every cook knows that correctly managing “Time & Temperature” makes the difference between success and failure. Managing the heat is easy when cooking in a home oven because one only has to dial in the correct temperature and set the timer. But…in a Dutch oven using charcoal briquettes it takes a bit more planning and attention to detail on the part of a Dutch oven cook.

Any given time you cook prime rib there are some who want it rare, medium rare, medium, or well done. So…temperature control is important in order to keep everyone happy. So…using a slow cook method like Cee Dub does lessens the chance of over cooking and keeping smiles on everyone’s face!

After prepping his prime rib Cee Dub cuts a bed of onions to set his prime rib on which slightly elevates the roast off the bottom of the Dutch. This helps the roast cook more evenly along with providing more flavor and moisture. The moisture from the onions and from the roast provide all the liquid needed to perfectly cook a Dutch oven prime rib.

Cee Dub recommends using a meat thermometer and temping the meat every time the briquettes are changed. So…Follow along with Cee Dub to learn how to cook this elegant recipe recipe in your Dutch oven!

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