Over the years I’ve struggled to find the best method/system for sharpening knives. A sharp knife for any kitchen or cooking chore really is a “must”! A dull knife besides just making the particular job more difficult is a safety hazard. More folks cut themselves with dull knives because they’re forced to put more effort into trying to cut. Effort above and beyond what should be necessary to cut causes either the item being cut and/or one’s hands to shift position. When slipping fingers intersect with the blade – a trip to the first aid kit or the nearest Emergency Care Center is required. So…

My search for the best way to keep all my kitchen knives sharp let me to the Work Sharp Knife & Tool Sharpener. Utilizing “flexible belt technology” this tool quickly puts a “razor sharp edge” on all knives including serrated knives. Without using harsh stones or abrasives the Work Sharp Knife & Tool Sharpener puts a professional edge on all knives. In addition it sharpens scissors and can even be used for many other sharpening chores such as lawn and garden tools, lawn mower blades, axes, hatchets etc.

Go to our website to purchase this amazing tool. It’s the ultimate in knife sharpening technology!


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