Fourteen years ago this past spring I taught my first Dutch oven cooking class at Lewiston Clark State College in Lewiston, Idaho. These years later I’ve totally lost track of how many folks I’ve been lucky enough to have helped get started Dutch oven cookin’ and the old hands at DO cookin’ that attended our classes and clinics to expand their knowledge and capabilities.

Though best known for Dutch oven cooking and our Dutch oven cookbooks Pen and I’ve long realized our society and todays generation are in danger of losing skills, attitudes, and capabilities we grew up with and took for granted. Our parents who were children of the Great Depression taught us values, skills, and techniques which improved their quality of life before the welfare programs of today which in our minds gets in the way of self reliance.

We both vividly remember the shock, awe, and surprise that showed on a college sophomores face when she learned the eggs with her bacon came from chickens! Hard to believe I know, but…it illustrates my point.

So…we’ve spent the last eighteen months turning the term “Powerless Cooking” that Pen came up with one morning while drying her hair from a concept into an online educational program designed to help folks become more capable and self reliant.

For Pen and me the launch today of POWERLESS COOKING ™ is part of our calling to not only give back to our children’s generation but also to pay forward on the debts we owe our parents and grandparents.

Click here – https://powerlesscooking.com to visit and explore POWERLESS COOKING ™




Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

Cee Dub & Pen

December 22, 2014

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