What is POWERLESS COOKING® you might ask? It goes like this…

Hold your hands out in front of you about 18″ apart and think of the distance between as a spectrum of self-reliance. For the purpose of illustration, your right hand represents someone or a family unit in the wilds of Alaska totally living off-the-grid and off-the-land. Your left hand represents a person or family who depends totally on grocery stores, restaurants, and the power grid for their daily needs. Regardless of where your position on that spectrum is, our goal at www.powerlesscooking.com is to give you knowledge, skills, and ideas that allow you to move your left hand closer to your right hand.

What can POWERLESS COOKING® do for you?

Empowerment of the individual is the short answer! All of us have our “bucket list” of things we wish to accomplish in life. So…for folks with a desire to learn and improve their life style, Powerless Cooking® provides an online learning avenue to attain skills and knowledge to make their lives a bit easier and more fulfilling.

I’ve been a teacher of sorts my whole life. My journey began with teaching Hunter Education to eighth graders when I was an Idaho Conservation Officer starting in 1979, and progressed to teaching Dutch oven cookin’ beginning in 1997. Job satisfaction for me is seeing people have that “Aha” moment or the light turns on in their eyes when they realize – I can do this!

My wife, Penny, and I both grew up in rural settings where “chores” as we called them helped provide for our families whether it was weeding the garden, canning produce, milking cows, or helping on “butchering day”. Check the list of POWERLESS COOKING® Learning Modules for things you want to cross off your “bucket list”!

Our first four online Learning Modules go live today. Simply put, every Learning Module on Powerless Cooking® moves that left hand a little closer to the right. Check it out at www.powerlesscooking.com.

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