Home Made Egg Noodles


Going along with our theme of cooking with home made ingredients when at all possible we use home made egg noodles for any recipe requiring pasta. Egg noodles are easy to make. Ingredients include eggs, egg yolks, salt, a little water, and flour. But…it’s easy to make flavored egg noodles that bump up the nutrition and eye appeal. To further enhance the nutrition of our noodles we use free range eggs for the three Rhode Island Red hens foraging out in our backyard!

Yesterday I made beet egg noodles. To my recipe for egg noodles in our book, Gather Round the Table with Cee Dub, I simply pureed two medium sized beets from the garden and added the puree to my eggs/egg yolks. We’ll serve these as a pasta side dish with just a pat of butter along with salt and pepper.

Also this fall we’ve made tomato/pesto noodles and spinach/mustard green noodles. Not only do they tastegreat, they add great color to any casserole or pasta dish!

My next batch of noodles will be jalapeno flavored to add some kick!

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