French Bread in a Dutch Oven

It doesn’t matter whether you’re baking bread in a Dutch oven outside on your patio with charcoal briquets or in your home oven, success in both cases comes down to using the correct heat for the correct time. In other words, “Time & Temperature” are the keys to successful bread baking whether using a Dutch oven or your home oven.

Dutch Oven French Bread with Cee Dub
When baking bread in a home oven the bread dough is placed in a baking dish and the baking dish is placed inside the oven to bake. On the other hand most Dutch oven bread baking consists of bread dough placed in the Dutch oven and then baked with charcoal or wood coals.

But…in this video clip from our television series, Dutch Oven Cookin’withCee Dub, I show the viewer how I use a cast iron French loaf pan that’s placed inside a 14” Dutch oven to bake the bread. Like our home oven which has top and bottom elements we utilize charcoal briquets both on the lid of the Dutch oven and underneath as well. When the dough is in contact with the Dutch oven the likelihood or potential for burning the dough is high if too many briquets are used for the bottom heat. When dough is placed in a baking pan which in turn is placed in the Dutch oven, the potential for burning the bread decreases substantially.

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