With this elegant and simple recipe for “Rack of Lamb” Cee Dub demonstrates how you to can prepare and cook this awesome recipe in your Dutch oven. The flavors Cee Dub achieves with this recipe top the taste chart.

Rolling slivers of garlic in fresh basil and inserting them into knife slits in the lamb imparts a unique flavor which compliments the inherent delicious flavor of lamb. (This works well when cooking a leg of lamb as well!)

Mint Jelly has always been one of the go to accents or condiments for folks cooking lamb. But…Cee Dub believes in the old adage “necessity is the Mother of Invention”. When preparing for a family camping trip years ago much to his chagrin he found the local grocery stores were out of Mint Jelly. So…he mixed equal parts of honey and horseradish to glaze his ‘Leg of Lamb’.

With his easy to follow instructions on preparation and cooking, Cee Dub shows how easy it is for even a beginning Dutch cook to “WOW” folks with a recipe that is more likely to be found on the menu of a ‘fancy’ restaurant than at a Dutch oven dinner.

After you try this recipe don’t hesitate to try Cee Dub’s Honey & Horseradish Glaze on a pork roasts and chicken too!

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