Dutch Oven Prime Rib Part II

Being new to the world of blogging I posted the picture of a Dutch oven Prime Rib but did not include the text portion of the blog.

Anyway…here goes my second attempt. Pen and I along with some other folks want a changeof pace from the traditional Roast Turkey dinner for the holidays. Our vote to replace a stuffed roast turkey is Dutch Oven Prime Rib. Our Dutch oven of choice is a Camp Chef DO-14. The deeper lid on this particular oven allows one to do a 7 lb bone in prime rib. Though the one pictured is boneless the extra depth of the Camp Chef oven is handy if you are doing a bone in prime rib. [http://magento-425764-1336704.cloudwaysapps.com/dutch-ovens-cast-irons/cast-iron-dutch-ovens/deluxe-12-qt-14-dutch-oven-grand-canyon.html] This oven has an apeture one can inset a meat thermometer or probe into the meat without removing the lid.

We put a rub on our prime rib a couple of days before and keep it in the fridge. The day we’re cooking I take it out of the fridge and let it come to room temperature before we start cooking it.

When we’re ready to cook we place the prime rib in the Dutch oven on a bed of sliced or diced yellow onions.

We start with high heat for 30-40 minutes and then remove all but 3-4 briquets on top and 3-4 underneath. I replace these briquets hourly. I try to hold the internal temperature of the meat around 115 degrees. One hour before serving I jack the heat up by adding 14-16 briquets on top and about 10 underneath. When my internal temperature reaches 125-130 I take the prime rib out of the Dutch and let it rest for 14-20 minutes before slicing.

Please post a comment and/or any questions.

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