Watch Cee Dub make and bake with charcoal briquettes a simple yet delicious one pot Dutch oven casserole he calls “Mexican Lasagna”. Cee Dub considers an empty Dutch oven in the same manner an artist contemplates an empty canvas before applying the first brush stroke of color. The artist combines colors on the palette and personal technique along with vision to create a visual master piece. In the same way Cee Dub takes what ingredients he has on hand and combines them in such a way the resulting recipe appeals to all six senses!
Here, Cee Dub puts a Southwest spin on this classic Italian recipe of a layered casserole of marinara sauce, Italian Sausage, noodles, and ricotta cheese seasoned with fresh herbs. His creative use of layering equivalent ingredients like a red enchilada sauce, corn tortillas, chicken, onions, corn, cheddar cheese, fresh green chilies along with Mexican seasonings in a Dutch oven yields something new based on an old but always classic recipe!

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