For as long as folks have cooked with Dutch ovens they’ve wrestled with how to easily remove ash covered lids with out getting ash in the the food.


Cee Dub demonstrates a variety of different lid lifters and why he only uses the Mair(TM) Dutch oven lifter.

Designed and first manufactured by Bill Mair in Midvale, Utah about twenty years ago the Mair (TM) Dutch Oven Lifter immediately made obsolete all other Dutch oven lid lifters. The positive control this lifter provides makes handling Dutch oven lids covered with hot wood coals or briquets very easy. By eliminating the “wobble” inherent with all other Dutch oven lifters much less ash ends up the Dutch oven.

In addition the positive control made possible by this lifter make it much easier for folks who do not have a lot of upper body/arm shoulder strength to safely remove and handle hot Dutch oven lids including those of larger Dutch ovens.

The Mair (TM) Dutch Oven Lifter is the only one Cee Dub uses and the only one you’ll ever need as well.

Mair Lid Lifter
Mair Lid Lifter & Leather Gloves Combo

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