Want to get started Dutch oven cookin’? Cee Dub’s starter kit contains everything you need to prepare and cook delicious Dutch oven meals for family and friends!
Each Dutch oven starter kit includes a Camp Chef 12” cast iron Dutch oven, Mair Dutch Oven Lid Lifter ™, stainless steel charcoal tongs, Camp Chef charcoal lighter basket, heavy red leather gloves for handling hot objects, and Cee Dub’s first cook book.

A treasure trove of Dutch oven history, recipes, camp tips, and stories told in his inimitable style, Cee Dub’s first book will hook you on Dutch oven cookin’!

For ease of transport and storage each kit comes in a durable and attractive wooden box. Manufactured in Idaho, Cee Dub assembles each box personally prior to shipping.

Whether you purchase Cee Dub’s Dutch oven Starter Kit for yourself or as a gift for your favorite Dutch oven cook, Cee Dub will personally autograph the cook book and sign the box.

Cee Dub firmly believes that regardless of the task, the pay off for using the best equipment is great results! Save money and order your starter kit today at this special introductory price!

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