So…what makes the best pizza? Easy answer… what ever you like the best. For example, some folks don’t like black olives or mushrooms, so…leave them off or just cut them in half so they’re easier to pick off for the picky eaters at your table. Anyway…



Pizza Pie or ‘pizza’ as most of us call it is typically baked in an oven of some type, i.e. a genuine pizza oven, a persons home oven, or even a Dutch oven. But…in this video Cee Dub demonstrates how to make a skillet pizza on a Camp Chef propane camp stove in a cast iron skillet. The two stage baking process is simple and takes but a few minutes. Cee Dub starts by making his favorite pizza in a 13″ CI skillet. While making the pizza he pre-heats the skillet lid over a burner on his stove for ten minutes
on ‘High’. Then he places the skillet with the pizza over a burner on low to medium heat and moves it constantly to evenly ‘brown’ the bottom of the pizza.

Cee Dub uses his smell test to determine when the bottom of the pizza is done. I.E. “If it smells done, it’s done; if it smells burnt, it’s burnt; and if you can’t smell it, it’s not done. When it smells done, he turns the stove burner off underneath the skillet and places the pre-heated skillet lid on the skillet and lets it set for 15 minutes.

Voila! A skillet baked pizza in about twenty minutes time from start to finish.

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