Cee Dub’s Dutch Oven Chicken Wings

When folks say “Americana”, Apple Pie, baseball, and football come to mind. Now I don’t know who or exactly when, but someone somewhere started “Buffalo Wings, Chicken Wings, or Hot Wings” on the road to immortality and they became a part of “Americana” as well. This simple and tasty recipe along with being a staple of “Tailgate Parties” is a great recipe for everyday cooking or home entertaining! Now my first pickup was a 1954 Ford with a 292 V-8. Now I don’t remember any tailgate parties but that old truck did get me to a bunch of parties.

Anyway…There again, growing up in the 1950’s no one ever made the tailgate of a pickup truck a place to party, but as we all know everything changes with time and in this case change “Change is Good”!

So in this video Cee Dub shows you a quick and delicious method for preparing chicken wings at a tailgate party or at home on the patio in your Dutch oven. The sky is the limit so to speak if you want to come up with your own “Hot Wing” recipe.

Hint: Replace the 1/2 cup cooking liquid Cee Dub uses in this recipe with 1/2 cup melted butter. The more butter the better! Enjoy!

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