Follow along with Cee Dub and learn how he prepares this quick and easy side dish that accompanies a wide variety of main entrees. Cee Dub starts by putting on to boil a pot of water salted with a tablespoon of sea salt and two tablespoons of olive oil to cook his rotini pasta. While cooking his pasta to the al dente stage Cee Dub sautés onions, garlic, diced tomatoes, portabella mushrooms, and garden fresh basil in olive oil along with chardonnay wine in a cast iron skillet.



Simultaneously in a smaller cast iron skillet over medium high to high heat Cee Dub quickly tosses and toasts a cup of pine nuts. With the pasta cooked and drained, Cee Dub then drains the excess liquid off his sautéed veggies, adds the toasted pine nuts and dresses the pasta. A quick toss with some Parmesan or Romano cheese and this flavorful and colorful Pasta Primavera is ready to serve! The extra crunch provided by the pine nuts sets Cee Dub’s Pasta Primavera apart from other similar recipes!


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