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  • POWERLESS COOKING ™ - The Back Story!

    Fourteen years ago this past spring I taught my first Dutch oven cooking class at Lewiston Clark State College in Lewiston, Idaho. These years later I've totally lost track of how many folks I've been lucky enough to have helped get started Dutch oven cookin' and the old hands at...

    An old truck driving friend of mine who dearly loved his pie and coffee once declared the holidays to be "PIE SEASON"! Holiday pies are a tradition in our family going back as long as I can remember.  Continue reading


    Designed and manufactured in Idaho Cee Dub's Dutch Oven Firepan & Grill Combo is the standard against which all other Dutch oven firepans are judged! Their all welded construction sets them apart from the imitations which are stamped out resulting in significantly weaker and less durable  products. Available in two sizes they are easy to assemble, (no tools required), have an aluminum hinged lid that acts as an integral windbreak, and have two handles for easy carrying. The large firepan can easily accommodate up to 175 pounds yet it's compactness makes it easy to transport and store.


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    Growing up in SE Idaho in the 1950's and 1960's Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners for Cee Dub and his family always meant 'Pumpkin Pie' for dessert.**

    But...instead of fussing with pie crusts and taking up oven space to bake a pumpkin pie this holiday season, try this decadent but simple Dutch oven dessert you can cook outside.

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    How many times have you been served baked potatoes or have baked potatoes yourself wrapped in aluminum foil? This recipe from Cee Dub's days patrolling Middle Fork of Salmon River in Central Idaho makes the best baked potatoes ever plus saves a lot of time and aluminum foil!
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    Look up "Breakfast Recipes" in Dutch oven cook books and you're sure to find a "Mountain Man Breakfast with potatoes, bacon, eggs with lots of cheese. But...in this recipe Cee Dub shows you how to make a very tasty breakfast fritatta spiced with fresh herbs to lighten the calorie count often associated with Dutch oven breakfast recipes!

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    Making this simple and delicious Dutch oven dessert is easier than saying the tongue twisting title as quickly as you can three times in a row. (Go ahead and try it - BUBBLE GUM DUMP CAKE, BUBBLE GUM DUMP CAKE, BUBBLE GUM DUMP CAKE!) How did you do? Anyway...
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    As an Idaho Conservation Officer for twenty one years Cee Dub often ended up pulling into his camp late at night and wanted a hot meal that didn't take a lot of prep and cooked FAST! A game warden buddy of his nicknamed "Laser" gave Cee Dub this recipe. It's tasty, quick, and filling. The perfect end to a day of patrolling the mountains and canyons of Central Idaho. Try this recipe for "Dutch Oven Fast Food!"

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  • Cee Dub's Dutch Oven Chicken Wings

    When folks say "Americana", Apple Pie, baseball, and football come to mind. Now I don't know who or exactly when, but someone somewhere started "Buffalo Wings, Chicken Wings, or Hot Wings" on the road to immortality and they became a part of "Americana" as well. This simple and tasty recipe along with being a staple of "Tailgate Parties" is a great recipe for everyday cooking or home entertaining! Now my first pickup was a 1954 Ford with a 292 V-8. Now I don't remember any tailgate parties but that old truck did get me to a bunch of parties.

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    Follow along with Cee Dub and learn how he prepares this quick and easy side dish that accompanies a wide variety of main entrees. Cee Dub starts by putting on to boil a pot of water salted with a tablespoon of sea salt and two tablespoons of olive oil to cook his rotini pasta. While cooking his pasta to the al dente stage Cee Dub sautés onions, garlic, diced tomatoes, portabella mushrooms, and garden fresh basil in olive oil along with chardonnay wine in a cast iron skillet.

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